The iTECH Company Story

iTECH was formed in 1995 as an start up Internet Consulting Firm. Software products were developed for ISP's and Businesses. Internet network design and installation was the focus of the business.

iTECH became involved with specialized Internet software for schools. The business focus shifted to not only providing software, but providing the Internet skills for school districts as the computer revolution took over the schools.

iTECH has now entered the digital design field and is working with schools, universities and community educational programs to develop digital educational applications including educational web sites, educational videos and educational games.

iTECH has evolved its products and services to address the ever expanding needs of growing digital needs of educators and educational organizations.


iTECH is a special Kind of Company

iTECH Inc. is an entreprenurial company. A Dot.COM company that has demonstrated good judgement when others lost their heads. The kind of company that continues to work with and values those customers that gave us a chance fourteen years ago.

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