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Unix Network and Internet Consulting
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Enterprize server Unix Server Network and Internet Consulting

iTECH specializes in SUN's Solaris and the full range of Linux Operating System for Internet and Web Servers..

iTECH can provide ongoing systems support or remote systems manangement and support.

iTECH can be your experienced Unix staff to backup and help you grow your own people.

1. Solaris Server Consultants
While Microsoft has dominated the desktop, Unix has been the language of the Server/Network function. iTECH Inc. has been focused for the past nine years on providing and supporting that server functionality in Schools and other environments that use the SUN hardware and Solaris Operating System

2. Linux Server Consulting

The fastest growing Operating System is Linux. iTECH has speciallized in Linux systems in schools, libraries and governmental organizations. Specifically, we provide our iWayPatrol, content filter product and our iWayMail, email server product on Linux servers.

3. Local Network Design

iTECH has been involved in network design and support for large Urban school districts with 100,000 students and small private schools with 100 students. We can help you build the appropriate network for your needs.

4. Internet Consulting

iTECH has spent the last 14 years making the Internet safe and available to students. We have also specialized in providing Web and Internet services from the School to the students, their families and the community.

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