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iwaypatrol and iwaymail logosiWayMail

iTECH provides Web Mail Services in the form of a Web Server for the school or as a Web Mail Service for smaller organization


iTECH also provides content filters for Schools, Libraries and Internet Service Providers

1. iWay Mail - Email for schools
While Microsoft has dominated the school desktop, Unix has been the language of the Server/Network function. iTECH Inc. has been focused for the past nine years on providing and supporting that server functionality in Schools and other environments.

2. iWay Patrol - Content Control for Web Access

We have provided consulting support for small to large districts for Unix support needs. Specifically, we provide our iWayPatrol, content filter product and our iWayMail, email server product.
3. iWay Patrol - Content Control for ISP
ISP's have special needs for content filter applications that can be served by customizable features of the content filter.
4. iWay Patrol - Content Control for Libraries
Filter product which allows easy managment of filter levels at workstations.


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